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Automatic Gutter Cleaning Service can help gutter systems to work effectively and allows our pros to regularly inspect your gutter and roofing systems. Tired of checking on your rain gutters year after year, and then worrying about scheduling? RHGC Automatic Gutter Cleaning is the solution. We offer a yearly, twice a year, three times a year, or quarterly recurring gutter cleaning service that will automatically repeat whenever you need them to.

RHGC Automatic Gutter Cleaning simply means that you pick the dates that you would like your Seasonal Gutter Cleaning Services to repeat every year and we’ll handle the rest. You’ll receive automated reminders before every cleaning service, just in case you need to reschedule, and so you never forget. You can also cancel the service at any point without any cancellation fee. We also provide 10% OFF any Gutter Repairs for all Automatic Gutter Cleaning Clients and preferred pricing for any Seamless Gutter Installation projects.

No Hidden Fees or Fine Print

There are no hidden fees or fine print with our automatic gutter cleaning service. If you need at least one cleaning per year, there is no reason not to set it to automatically repeat every year. There are no contracts required and no cancellation fees. RHGC  will simply make sure that you never miss out on getting your gutters serviced when they need it.

RHGC Cleaning Discounts

When you schedule a recurring gutter cleaning services you will automatically earn a 10% discount on that initial cleaning and each subsequent visit which is permanently applied to your account. We lock in this discount AND price, which means that your gutter cleaning maintenance costs will never increase, even years down the road. If you happen to need more than two cleanings per year, we will subsequently increase your service discount to 15% off beginning with your 3rd appointment. Some homes with heavy tree coverage may require a 4th gutter cleaning within the year; in this case the service discount increases again to 20% off each gutter cleaning service you may need going forward for as long as you need 4 visits. Never a contract and you can cancel at any time. 

Mid Missouri's #1 Gutter Cleaning Company


Automatic Gutter Cleaning is RHGC's specialty, and we just happen to be Mid Missouri’s favorite gutter service provider. We effectively and consistently deliver professional gutter cleaning services. You can expect to be satisfied every time because we guarantee all our work. In fact, your presence is NEVER required for any of our services to be completed so there’s no need to miss work. We provide play by play confirmations, notifications, and reminders at every turn.

Automatic Gutter Cleaning Service Includes:

  • RHGC's Satisfaction Guarantee

  • RHGC's 60-Day No-Clog Guarantee

  • No Contract Required

  • No Cancellation Fees

  • Specific service date and arrival time-frame

  • Complementary pictures of the cleaned gutters

  • Set price that won’t be increased by hidden fees

  • Hand-bagging of debris & removal from your property

  • Debris removed from all gutter & downspouts 

  • Debris removed from all roofing valley’s 

  • Tapping in any loose gutter spikes around the entire home

  • Detailed feedback regarding gutter and roofing conditions

  • Free Roof Inspection including pictures when necessary

Scheduling Automatic Gutter Cleaning

You can easily and conveniently schedule your Automatic Gutter Cleaning by simply filling​g out the form below. After completing the form our office staff will review the information, set you into our system, and cross check your desired service dates with our availability. Once your Gutter Cleaning service has been scheduled, we will send you email and text message confirmations for your date of service.

Cancel Or Reschedule Anytime

If there is a conflict with your service date, you can either give us a call or email us and we will reschedule your service to another available service date.

Keep in mind that your presence is NEVER required for any of our services to be completed, however you can cancel or reschedule your service at any time.

No Contract is required, and we never charge a cancellation fee.

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